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UDFs (User Defined Functions)

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User Defined Functions allow developers to enhance and extend the built-in functionalities of the ColdFusion development system. The following UDFs were designed and developed by evoch and are freely offered for use.

  • containsLeapYear() - Determines if a given date range contains a leap year
  • decade() - Returns the decade (xxx0-xxx9) to which the specified year belongs
  • formatListAsSeries() - Formats a numeric list so that successive numbers are shown as a series
  • getTimeStamp() - Converts HTTPTimeString format to ColdFusion TimeStamp format and optionally converts the time from UTC/GMT to local time
  • getVariableScope() - Determines which scope an unscoped variable refers to
  • getVariableScopeList() - Determines in which scopes a variable is defined
  • isTime() - Validates if a string is a valid time in 12- or 24-hour format