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Our presentations are intended to inform, educate and enlighten developers about the hows, whys and whats of advanced development features and practices. To accomplish this, we offer the following series of presentations:

ColdFusion Foundations

The ColdFusion application server and the CFML programming language are straight forward enough for the novice developer and yet powerful enough to allow advanced developers to create enterprise-class applications. And while many of ColdFusion's features make interacting with external systems (file systems, email, websites, etc.) easy, a thorough understanding of these systems is essential to make full use of ColdFusion's power. The Foundations series delves into the details of these systems and protocols to expose the potential for more powerful applications.

Advanced ColdFusion

ColdFusion is a simple enough language to let even the casual developer build useful systems. But many of ColdFusion's advanced features require a bit more work. The effort, though, is usually hugely rewarded with a robust, efficient and powerful application. The Advanced series describes these advanced features, how they work and how to make use of them in your applications.

Client-Side Technologies

Web applications require a server-side component to process requests, perform security and logic processes, and manage data. But the server-side component is only half of the application. Equally important is the part the user actually sees... the user interface. The Client-Side series discusses the various client-side technologies available to web developers and shows how they can be used to build powerful, good looking, and intuitive user interfaces.