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The ColdFusion Community

Macromedia's ColdFusion application server software enjoys a truly incredible developer community. The community serves to share experience, insight and ideas. evoch believes in the power and importance of developer community and actively participates by educating and empowering.


evoch helps to educate members of the ColdFusion community by giving presentations at local ColdFusion user groups, writing articles for publication in trade journals, and participation in ColdFusion mailing lists. By sharing our knowledge and experience we help to enhance the strength of the community and the support available to both our clients and developers.


In addition to educating the community, we also empower developers to write better, more productive code. We do this by sharing code samples and functionalities in the form of ColdFusion Custom Tags and UDFs (User Defined Functions). These snippets of code extend the ease and power of ColdFusion and empower developers to create better applications.